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The services you may benefit of, by contacting our industrial property attorneys, cover the entire spectrum of the trademark registration proceedings in front of RO PTO /OSIM, OHIM or WIPO.  
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The services you may benefit of, by contacting our industrial property attorneys, cover the entire spectrum of the trademark registration proceedings in front of RO PTO / OSIM, OHIM or WIPO (filing applications for trademark registration with RO PTO / OSIM, OHIM or WIPO; overcoming office actions; lodging oppositions; submitting responses to third parties’ oppositions; filing and pleading appeals) and also other proceedings which precede or succeed the trademark registration.

Besides the basic services offered to our clients, for registering and afterwards protecting the registered trademarks, the trademark watch services are a fundamental component of our services.

In order to prevent the registration of some identical or confusingly similar trademarks, it is highly recommended for the trademarks' owners to contract a trademark watch service which, in exchange for a yearly subscription, guarantees to notify any subsequent identical or similar trademark which is published for opposition purposes and refers to identical or similar goods /services.

Once the owner was notified about the publication of the identical /similar trademark and we are in the possession of his specific instructions, our firm draws up and submits with the Trademark Office an opposition based upon the prior right deriving from the registered trademark.

The scope of the watch service varies depending on the territorial extent of the registered trademark, as the case may be: Romania, the European Union, all the European countries or any other country or combination of countries. (Ask for a quotation)

Thus, for asserting the acknowledgement of the fact that the registration of a trademark does not end once all the procedural steps are covered and, eventually, the certificate of registration is being issued, the responsibility is being taken over and pursued by the trademark's owner, supplementing in a coherent and absolutely necessary manner the Trademark Office's mission to protect the exclusive rights granted upon registered trademarks.

Why do we call the trademark watch an absolutely necessary service? Because, according to the current law, the trademarks registration procedures in Romania and EU do not involve the relative grounds examination.
Respectively, the examiners do not check if the respective trademark was previously registered by another entity, as a CTM, a national trademark or an IR designating Romania.

Practically, there are numerous cases where community trademarks co-exist with national identical or confusingly similar trademarks, this leading to the reduction of the said trademark's strength, the weakening of its protection and a long term vulnerability.

If we also look to the fact that in the close future the Romanian legislation on trademarks will most likely be amended, according to the one which is currently being applied by OHIM, the trademark watch may be regarded, without any doubt, as an independent and compulsory step of the registration procedure that must be taken immediately after the trademark's registration.

  • Trademark Registration


  • Documentary trademark searches
  • Watching services for avoiding the registration of any identical or confusingly similar trademark for identical or similar goods /services
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, for all kinds of trademarks, either national, international or community
  • Changes in the legal status of a trademark, such as: the applicant's name and /or address, the owner's name and /or address, representative's name and /or address ; restricting the specification of goods and services
  • Extensions of time for filing replies to office actions or third parties' oppositions
  • Preparing and filing written arguments to office actions
  • Preparing and filing statements of opposition against identical or similar third parties' trademark applications
  • Preparing and filing statements of response to third parties' oppositions
  • Negotiations with prior owners for obtaining their written consent with the registration and use of our clients' trademarks
  • Preparing, filing and pleading appeals with the Reexamination Board
  • Issue and reporting the Certificates of Registration, keeping and watching the renewal dates based on our own data base
  • Transfers of rights

  • Drawing up exclusive and non-exclusive licensing contracts
  • Drawing up total or partial assignment contracts
  • Filing with the Romanian Patent and Trademark Office of documents corresponding to any transfer of rights
  • Litigations. Unfair Competition

  • Drawing up and transmitting through our assistant officer of the court warning letters addressed to any unauthorized user of a protected intellectual property right
  • Drawing up responses to warning letters received by our clients from third parties, asserting an alleged infringement
  • Preparing and submitting cancellation actions with the Bucharest Court, through our assistant attorneys at law
  • Preparing and submitting revocation of ownership actions with the Bucharest Court, through our assistant attorneys at law

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